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Empowering Teen Girls to feel strong in body, mind and sense of self

A Park City event for Teen Girls

  • Move your body with cardio, yoga and Pilates
  • Feed your mind with self awareness, gratitude and love for yourself
  • Know which relationships serve you & create a tribe that lifts you up
  • Celebrate your value and worth
  • Remain centered under pressure

Girl Be Whole is a community of women who
courageously and continually seek
and celebrate growth, joy, clarity, and direction.

Fact is life can be messy. It can be challenging and chock-full of curve balls that knock you off center. The noise of reality often drowns the rhythm of your truth leaving you feeling restless, lost or stuck.

We help you get clear about what lights you up, gives you energy, and drives you to thrive with purpose.
Together, we ignite and nurture the spirit of you at your core – that unique-to-each-of-us essence that often gets buried in the daily grind of life.

Because sometimes:

  • You just need a community of like-minded women who understand your quest, cheer from the sidelines
    and give you the confidence to step through the fear that’s holding you back.
  • You just need to show up for yourself and invest time to reflect on who you are and what’s important so
    you can create a new path that faces forward and honors your soul.

And the truth is, understanding what rocks your unique
is essential to accessing joy from within.
Are you brave enough to crack your heart wide open?